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re: Used n killed


Just gonna be honest. Didn read this one but iam very gratefull : )

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re: kargath bladefist HC


kargath bladefist HC - tactics

These tactics are based on the fight as they were when heroic beta testing was active. These can change and so I will change tactics accordingly. However I assume the general idea will stay the same.

Nobody is perfect! If you see a mistake in the guide or have questions feel free to contact me! 

More tactics will folow in the next days/weeks!

The 1st boss we will encounter in High maul. The fight itself doesn’t look overly complicated. Below you will find an overview of the boss mechanics, how we will approach the fight and some useful links that you can take a look at.






  • This is the ability for the tanks. Kargath will start casting Impale which is an 8 second long cast time and will do Physical damage to the targeted tank. After casting this will leave a debuff(Open wounds) which will increase damage taken from consecutiv impales.


  • This ability is the basic taunt at ‘x’ stacks mechanic. For this specific ability you want to taunt at 2 stacks, so the tank will not get a 3th impale on him. It is possible that the tank currently tanking will get one more stack if the group for the arena stands (more info below) is slow.


Blade dance


  • The boss will summon a copy of himself and this will charge a random target and on impact do AoE damage.


  • The damage of this ability cannot be avoided and just has to be healed thru. However on impact Kargath does AoE damage and this can be avoided by spreading at least 7 yards.


Berserker Rush

  • Kargath will focus a random RANGED target and starts running toward him dealing damage to everyone that is in front of him. When he reaches the target he will instantly kill it.


  • In order to survive this mechanic the boss has to be kited in to a fire pillar which are located on set areas of the arena we fight in(see picture below). These are not all activated at once and will spawn periodically throughout the fight. When he is kited in one of these fire pillars he will stop casting berserker rush and will return hitting on the tank. The fire pillar will be deactivated for a while.


  • Another way of surviving this is by placing a Hand of Protection on the targeted raid member right before Kargath reaches him.




Chain Hurl

  • Right before the boss casts Chain Hurl he will go to the middle and knock back everyone in the middle of the room. Chain hurl itself will lift up the 5 raid members closest to him and toss him in to the arena stands. In these stands you will have to deal with the mobs that are in there. These mobs all have their own abilities and if they are left unattended they will start causing problems for the people below in the arena.


Iron grunt

The iron grunt is the mob with the least priority while in the stands. They will inflict damage to a target and reduce their movement speed by 33% for 4secondes. They should just be AoE’d down.

Drunken Bileslinger

The Drunken Bileslinger has the highest priority while in the stands. They will throw a brew down to the arena which will leave a green AoE down on the floor. For the group in the stands they will also cast a Vile Breath. This breath will stun every target in front of it. So if you are going to dps this in close range don’t stand in front of it.

Iron Bomber

The iron bomber are second on priority and will throw iron bombs down to the arena leaving a small debuff on the target. When they die they will leave a bomb on the ground (in the stands) which you have to avoid (will take you down 30% = knocked back in to the arena).


  • For the arena stands we want to send up the tank with the 2 stacks of the debuff, a healer and 3 dps. Preferably we want the dps to be high on cleave/Aoe dmg(e.g. Boomkins).


  • To get the predefined group in the arena stands they will have to run in to the boss when he is on the precast of Chain Hurls. He will knock back the targets in the middle of the room so the rest of the melee will have to wait to go back in until the set group has moved in to the boss and been picked up by chain hurl.


  • There are a phew ways of getting off the arena stands:
    • Jump down
    • get below 30% Health
    • After 45seconds


Ravenous Bloodmaw

  • The idiot test of this boss. When we engage the boss 4 pits will open in the arena (see picture below) in these pits there are cats. You simply don’t run in to a pit.


The tactic

Raid setup

Tanks: 2

Healers: 2(3) /10man

Dps: x


Ranged being slightly better here we want to make sure we have enough ranged but we don’t want to overkill it because they have to spread at least 7yards at all times.



We will start of the fight by pulling the boss to the middle of the arena, pointing his face towards the entrance of the room. Ranged will spread (7y for blade dance) in front of him (in the back of the tanks). Melee will stand in the back of the boss at all times.  As you can see on the picture below this will be how the raid will be positioned 75% of the time. Paying attention you don’t stand in an active fire pillar or run in to a cat pit (red marks).

The active tank will stand on black while the inactive tank stays with the melee. This for when Kargath cast berserker rush only one tank gets hit by it (only for a short time or ideally not at all). You have close to a second from when he starts the ability and when he starts doing damage to move out in front of him.

When someone (a ranged) gets targeted by Berserker rush the boss will be kitted into an active fire pillar. The fire pillar will deactivate and the boss will stop berserker rush and will be kited back to the middle of the arena where the fight continues as normal.

Approximately every 1.5minutes the boss will cast his Chain hurls the melee and the tanks will get knocked out of the middle and the predefined group will have to move in. after a short animation they will be thrown on to the arena stands. When on the arena stand the group has to move to the right or/and left depending on their clear speed (again boomkins = good aoe + stampeding roar). Keeping in mind you only have 45 seconds (at max) you want to clear as much as you can prioritizing the mobs as seen above!

During the fight when the mobs from the stands are active and are not yet killed you don’t want to stand in the green puddle the drunken bileslingers leave on the floor in the arena.

Healing in this encounter is not overly difficult (based on what people tell me and kill videos I have seen). However can become a problem when the mobs in the arena stands are not dealt with correctly.


Usefull Links




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