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re: Tectus HC


 Tectus HC  - Tactics

These tactics are based on the fight as they were when heroic beta testing was active. These can change and so I will change tactics accordingly.


Nobody is perfect! If you see a mistake in the guide or have questions feel free to contact me!


The 3th boss in High maul the mechanics in this fight are not overly complicated but the challenge here is to manage the abilities when they are cast 4-5 times at once.


If you notice near the end of the guide that tactics are somewhat vague here is the reason. Because there is no pattern on where everything spawns till will be fairly chaotic. I’m planning on approaching this similar to siege crafter. Move right when something spawns under us and the person targeted by the crystalline barrage move left. (similar to the laser).


The living mountain

  • Tectus is unkillable as long as he is under the effects of The Living Mountain. He will periodically gain Energy, with the rate of gain increasing as he loses health. The power of The Living Mountain is consumed whenever Tectus channels Tectonic Upheaval, leaving him vulnerable to shattering.


  • The only moment were we can get him to the second phase/kill him is when he is casting Tectonic Upheaval which is when he reaches 100% energy.

tectonic Upheaval

  • Tectus unleashes his built up seismic instability into the earth, creating a massive series of earthquakes that each inflict 32500 Nature damage to all players. If Tectus's health is depleted during Tectonic Upheaval, he will shatter.


  • Like said above he needs to be casting this 12 second long ability in order to kill him. In the first phases when it’s only him the damage is manageable. Later when more parts of the boss cast at once healing cool downs should be used.

Crystalline Barrage

  • Tectus creates a cloud of crystalline blades that move towards a targeted player. Players who enter the cloud of crystalline blades suffer 60000 Physical damage each second they remain in the cloud.


  • When he casts this on a player the player will be followed by a red path behind him. Unlike most similar abilities in WoW this path doesn’t start at the player’s location but at the boss and will try and make its way to the player.


  • Tectus causes a short-lived spike of earth to shoot from the ground, inflicting 135000 Nature damage to players standing where the spike erupts, and knocking them back.
  • This ability can easily be avoided. It won’t kill you instantly.

Earthen pillar

  • Tectus raises an Earthen Pillar from the ground. After several seconds of rumbling, the pillar will erupt from the targeted location, killing any players still standing on it.


  • As seen on the picture it’s a fairly big AoE ability. You have a couple of seconds to move out of it before it will instantly kill you. This pillar will cause Line of sight.


These adds will only spawn in the first phase of the fight.

Night-twisted Earthwarper

gift of earth

  • Creates a swirling vortex of earth in an attempt to empower Tectus. If the vortex reaches Tectus, he will gain 10 stacks of Accretion. Players may intercept the vortex - if they do, they suffer 275000 Physical damage and are afflicted with Petrification.


  • Will be off tanked by the tank. The gift of earth needs to be intercepted by the melee and/or ranged.


  • A player's skin begins to turn to stone after intercepting the Gift of Earth. A petrified players movement speed is reduced by 2%, and Tectus will absorb their petrification whenever he makes a melee attack against them, granting him stacks of Accretion and healing him.


  • Can not be on the tanks!

Earthen flechettes

  • Raises Earthen Flechettes from the ground, inflicting 189000 Nature damage to all enemies within a cone in front of the caster.
  • The tank tanking the add has to make sure to not point him towards the melee or ranged

Night-twisted Berserker

raving assault

  • The Berserker is afflicted with temporary insanity, forgetting their current target, clearing all threat, and dashing towards a random player. The Berserker inflicts 80000 Physical damage to targets caught in the path of the dash.

The tactic

Raid setup

Tanks: 2

Healers: 2(3) /10man

Dps: x



  • In order to kill this boss you need to kill Tectus when he is casting Tectonic Upheaval, which is at 100% energy. When he is killed while casting this he will split up into two Shards of Tectus. Similar to Tectus these have to be killed while casting Tectonic Upheaval. When they are killed they will each spawn 4 Motes of Tectus. These Motes can be killed whenever they reach 0% health. They will still cast Tectonic Upheaval when they reach 100% energy.

Phase 1

Active: Only Tectus.

Only in this phase the adds will spawn and will always be off-tanked by a tank (on orange). Making sure to point the EarthWarper is faced away from everyone and also retaunting the Berserker after he charged a raid member.


We will bring Tectus to +- 10% health and wait till he is close to casting Tectonic Upheaval before we bring him down making sure this is the 12 seconds he is casting Tectonic Upheaval.

The melee should be positioned between the boss and the off-tank so they can intercept the Gift of earth (on green).  Ranged should deal with the Crystalline Barrage and the Earthen pillar starting on Red and moving around the edges of the room avoiding a Earthen pillar to spawn in the middle of the room. Whether Crystalline Barrage also targets melee players I’m not sure at this point in time.


Phase 2

Active: 2 shards of Tectus

From this phase on no adds will spawn in the phases!

Each shard will be picked up by a tank and one will be marked with skull this one we will kill first and let it split into 4 motes. All the mechanics are still the same only they are done more frequently because of the shards both casting them.


Phase 3

Active: 1 Shard of Tectus and 4 Mote of Tectus

This part will be the most chaotic part of the fight. We will have 5 earthen pillars, 5 crystalline barrages and 5 Tectonic Upheavals. This could make stacking problematic.

The tank tanking the shards will pick up one mote while the other tank will tank 3 motes. This because when they are grouped to will get increased energy regenerating causing them to cast their abilities quicker.

After the 4 motes are dead we kill the shards. This should already be lower on health due to multi dot / cleave. Killing this one requires it to be casting tectonic upheaval.

Phase 4

Active: 4 Mote of Tectus

Both tanks take 2 Motes. They will all be dotted up / cleaved.

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