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re: Ko’ragh heroic


 Ko’ragh heroic – tactic


These tactics are based on the fight as they were when heroic beta testing was active. These can change and so I will change tactics accordingly.

 The 6th boss in Highmaul. The mechanic are not complicated but it will be interesting once who have to deal with all the mechanics at once.



Expel magic

During the whole encounter ko’ragh will use expel magic? Every time he casts this it can be another form of expel magic.


Expel magic: Fire

  • Ko'ragh expels Fire magic inflicting 16000 Fire damage every second for 10 sec. to all players. When Expel Magic: Fire expires, it inflicts 86000 Fire damage to all allies within 5 yards.


  • It will leave a dot on people (the damage of the dot can be nullified by immune). The AoE at the end of the dot can’t be. The ranged will have to spread 5 yards while healer focus on dispelling melee (mass dispel?).


Expel magic: Arcane

  • Ko'ragh blasts a player with corrupted Arcane energy that marks their current location every 0.5 sec. for 10 sec. After 1.5 sec., the marked location explodes, inflicting 215000 Arcane damage to all players within 5 yards. In addition, this effect increases Physical damage taken by 100%.


  • Will focus a tank. At this point the other tank has to taunt ko’ragh and the tank with the expel magic Arcane on him should run away from everyone. Making sure he won’t get hit either (so keep moving).


Expel magic: Frost

  • Ko'ragh expels an orb of Frost that inflicts 97000 Frost damage to all players. The orb persists for 20 sec and slows movement speed of all players within 30 yards by up to 85%. The snare effect of Expel Magic: Frost decreases as a player stands farther away from the expelled orb.


  • When the orb is dropped try to make sure you are 30 yards away. The slow can be removed by roar or totem

Expel magic: Shadow

  • Ko'ragh strikes the ground at a player's location, inflicting 86000 arcane damage in an 8 yard area. In addition, a field of suppressing energy is created that silences all players and inflicts 51000 arcane damage every second. This effect will also silence Volatile Anomalies.


  • Once he charges a player make sure you don’t stand close to this player and leave the area affected by the ability. During the transition phase the volatile anomalies will be tanked inside this area.

Volatile anomalies

  • While the Rune of Nullification is active, 3 Volatile Anomalies spawn every 8 sec.


  • Volatile Anomalies explode upon death, inflicting 43000 arcane damage to all players.
  • Tank them in the suppression field and they won’t explode and do 0 damage to the raid.

Overflowing Energy

  • Arcane energy bleeds from the rune stone, inflicting 1600000 arcane damage to enemies it comes into contact with. If the energy reaches the ground, it explodes, inflicting 73000 arcane damage to all enemies. This effect pierces all immunities and damage reductions.


  • These are orbs that will hit the ground, marking the location where they will land. If you stand where they land without a barrier from the boss you will die instantly. When the orb hits the ground with no one standing under it, it will deal AoE damage that we will have to heal thru.


  • In order to minimize the damage assigned people will have to get a shield during the transition phase.

Nullification Barrier

  • Ko'ragh is protected from all magic, absorbing up to 5000000 Magic damage. While he has this barrier on him he gains the following buff:

Breaker’s Strenght

  • While Ko'ragh maintains a Nullification Barrier, his damage done is increased by 6% every 10 seconds. This effect stacks. When the barrier expires, Breaker's Strength is removed. Charging - When the Ko'ragh's Nullification Barrier is removed, he begins to recharge. After 20 sec, the barrier is restored.


  • This buff gets removed before each transition phase.

Caustic energy

  • When his nullification Barrier reaches 0%. He will go into a transition phase.


  • One player may enter the rune with Ko'ragh, absorbing a portion of its energy. The energy inflicts 45000 Arcane damage every second and reduces all healing received by 35% for as long as the player remains inside of the rune. This effect pierces all immunities and damage reductions. When the rune powers down, the player receives their own Nullification Barrier, proportional to the amount of time spend inside the rune. The Nullification Barrier received by players can absorb up to 15000000 Magic damage.


  • The person getting the shield will have to be spam healed. The idea is to try and get max shield = 15Mil damage absorption = 10 overflowing energy’s soaked.

The tactic

Raid setup

Tanks: 2

Healers: 2(3) /10man

Dps: x



If we survive one phase we should be capable of surviving the entire fight. The only thing that changes is the fact there will be more overflowing energy but we also have more people with the nullification barrier. As I can see in the videos I have watched there will always be one or more overflowing energy that cannot be picked up, meaning if we have 4 people with the barrier there will be 5 – 6 overflowing energy.

At the start of the fight the ranged will all spread around the room. The boss will be tanked in the middle of the room with the melee and the tanks. The raid will react to all the different kind of expel Magic as said previously.

When the boss charges to put down Suppression field the targeted ranged and surrounding players have a small time frame in which they can move from it to avoid the damage and not get silenced.

Once the boss reaches 0% barrier he will go to the middle of the room. Making sure there are no melee/tanks in the middle (reason being only one person can get a barrier each transition phase and this is the first person to get in there). We want a mobile ranged damage dealer do get in there. For example a hunter. This person has to be spam healed and needs to try and get the highest amount of shield possible without deign. The maximum is 15000000 and this will make you be able to soak around 9 – 10 overflowing energy.

Also during this phase adds will spawn. The rest of the raid will move behind a suppression zone so the adds runs thru the field and can get tanked at the edge for everyone to hit them. Once the boss has recharged his shield the ranged finish off the adds and the fight continues as normal.

From the moment we have more than one ranged with the barrier we will split up the room like Sha of pride assigning the ranged with the shield to different colors. For example Person1 between red and purple and Person2 between orange and yellow.



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