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re: Used n killed


And we then read this straight away ofc. Again cheers for the copy paste from exception forums ol timer : )

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re: Twin Ogron heroic


 Twin Ogron heroic – tactic

These tactics are based on the fight as they were when heroic beta testing was active. These can change and so I will change tactics accordingly.





Shield Bash

  • Savagely bashes a target with his shield, inflicting 0% normal damage and interrupts the spell being cast for 3 sec.

Shield Charge

  • Charges in the direction of a distant target, inflicting Physical damage and knocking back all enemies within his path. This damage increases based on the distance traveled. Upon reaching the end of the path, he slams his shield into the ground, inflicting Physical damage to enemies within 10 yards, knocking them back. This ability is cast at 33 Energy.
    • Injured: Shield Charge injures targets, bleeding them for 13500 Physical damage every second for 18 sec.
  • People want to make sure they do not get hit by this ability.  He will charge a ranged and you have to move out of his path.

Interrupting Shout

  • Inflicts 65000 Physical damage to all enemies and interrupts spellcasting for 6 sec. This ability is cast at 66 Energy.
  • Fairly straight forward. Basically a shout like on thok but then only once every time he reaches 66 energy.


  • Pulverizes the ground, causing various chunks of the ceiling to slam into the ground. The first Pulverize strikes the location of all players, inflicts Physical damage to players within 3 yards. The second Pulverize strike loosens several chunks of the ceiling, which fall, inflicting Physical damage to players within 8 yards of the targeted locations. The final Pulverize loosens a massive chunk of the ceiling to fall at once, inflicting Physical damage to all players, increasing in damage the closer a player is to the point of impact. This ability is cast at 100 Energy.
  • Has 3 stages:
    • Stage 1: spread at least 3 yards in order to avoid dealing AoE damage to the raid.
    • Stage 2: small rocks fall from the sky simply move out of the impact zone which is marked on the ground.
    • Stage 3: one big rock will fall from the sky. The closer you are to the center the more damage you will get. Try to get as far away as possible from the marking on the ground.


Double Slash

  • Fiercely attacks a target with both weapons, inflicting 0% and 0% normal damage.


  • Spins around in a circle, inflicting Physical damage every half-second for 9 sec. All targets struck gain Weakened Defenses. This ability is cast at 33 Energy.
    • Weakened Defenses: Increases damage taken from Shield Bash by 10%. This effect stacks.
  • We have 2 options here or move Pol out or move Phemos out. I personally think it’s best to move out pol because when Phemos is moved out to late he will start whirl winding and can’t be moved until the cast is done.
  • So the idea here is to move Pol out when Phemos is about to cast whirlwind which is at 33% energy, making sure the tank tanking pol will not get hit by the whirlwind.
  • The melee will also follow Phemos (so they don’t get hit by whirlwind).


Enfeebling Roar

  • Let’s forth a furious howl, increasing damage taken by 300% for 300 sec., dividing the magnitude and duration amongst all targets within 20 yards. The duration and magnitude of this effect carry over. This ability is cast at 66 Energy.
  • This is the reason we I prefer moving pol out since pol will be further away from the raid. After Phemos his Whirlwind the next ability is this roar. For the roar Phemos will be brought to the middle of the room (where the ranged and healers are stacking (spreading 3y on quake).
  • This will cause all the ranged and healers to have a small debuff with a small duration. If it turns out that we need more people to soak this debuff melee will come off Phemos and go stand with the ranged for this roar.
  • After the roar poll and phemos will be once stacked at the mark.


  • Hurls both weapons nearby and begins to violently pound the ground, inflicting Nature damage to all players. This ability is cast at 100 Energy.
    • Blaze: Creates a pyre at a targeted location, burning nearby targets. As well, moving flames form at the pyre, traveling outward. Coming into contact with either of these elements applies Blaze to the target, inflicting 8000 Fire damage every second for 12 sec. This effect stacks.
  • He will throw his 2 weapons to the ground and from those weapons lines of moving fire will spawn. When you stand in one you get a stacking debuff. Some guilds found the damage to be healable (on beta) and decided to just keep stacked in the middle and soak.
  • Other guilds found it better to let every individual try and avoid as many of these lines as possible and after they despawned to stack again in the middle of the room.

The tactic

raid setup

Tanks: 2

Healers: 5 healers

Dps: 13 dps


For reference these color are used in all pictures:

  • Green: Tank Pol
  • Blue: Tank Phemos
  • Red: Melee
  • Orange: Ranged + healers
  • Skull: Phemos
  • Blue Skull: Pol

From the start we will focus and kill Phemos first. When he dies a lot of abilities disappear and Phol  should be on lower HP because of cleave/multi dot.

As show on the picture this is how we start of the fight. We stack up Pol and Phemos away from the ranged. The ranged will stack up in the middle of the room, while the melee stand with the bosses. In beta Phemos started with close to max energy while pol started with close to none energy. This will cause us to get a quake as soon as we pull the boss.

When Phemos is close to  33% and is about to cast whirlwind the tank tanking pol and the melee will move out as show below.

This will make sure the tank tanking pol and the melee won’t get it by the whirlwind. After the whirlwind ends Phemos will be moved to the ranged to soak the enfeebling roar like shown below.

Straight after the roar is casted both Phemos and Pol will be moved back to their original position.

At this point everyone will have to prepare for Quake by spreading 3 yards. After stage 1 of Quake everyone will have to watch and move out of the falling rocks and by stage 3 trying to get as far away from the middle as they can.

After this it’s just a repeat of what written above.

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