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re: Used n killed


We ofc all read this and thats why this is dead. : ) Thanks for post ol timer

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re: The Butcher HC


 The Butcher HC - tactics

These tactics are based on the fight as they were when heroic beta testing was active. These can change and so I will change tactics accordingly.

Nobody is perfect! If you see a mistake in the guide or have questions feel free to contact me!


This is the 2nd boss we will encounter in High Maul. The fight is a very patchwork type of fight and is extremely easy from a ranged perspective. The fight itself has only a few mechanics. Most of the mechanics are for the tanks.


Tank abilities


Heavy handed

  • All of the attacks the boss does will trigger a second attack to the closest target within 5 yards of the original target. If no target is found the original target is hit twice.


  • To reduce the damage on the main tank as much as we can we will stack up the tanks in front of the boss so at all times there will be a target for the second attack


The Tenderizer

  • The butcher hits his target with physical damage and will leave a debuff on that target that will increase the damage by 50% for the next tenderizer.


  • The taunt at ‘x’ stack mechanic of this boss. Best taunted at 2 stacks.


The Cleaver

  • He will hit the current target and will leave a bleed on its victim.


  • The original damage cannot be avoided but the bleed can be avoided. (how this can be avoided / what cooldown to use I’m not 100% sure at this point).


Dps Abilities


  • The butcher targets the largest clump of people in melee range and will hit them for Physical damage. Victims of this ability will get a debuff Gushing wounds. This debuff will kill you at 5 stacks.


  • This is most likely the hardest mechanic in this encounter and will require good coordination especially below 30%. Above 30% we want to the debuff to stack up to 4. When the butcher is below 30% he will go into a frenzy and so cleave will do more damage and will come more frequently. We could make a 3th group for this if we notice it’s unhealable once he goes in to frenzy.
  • The idea behind this is that we have 1 group of 4 (or more) people stack up at orange and one group of 4 (or more) at green. Each group will contain a mobile damage dealer. For example at the start of the fight both orange and green will take their place and the mobile damage from orange will move out causing the cleave to focus the green group which are 4 players.
  • When green reaches 4 stacks the mobile damage dealer from orange moves back in to orange and the mobile damage dealer from green will move out causing the cleave to focus orange. When orange reaches 4 stack the debuff from green should have dropped and their mobile damage moves back in and the mobile damage from orange moves back out causing cleave to focus green again. This will continue until the boss is dead.
  • When the debuff reaches 5 stacks it will instantly kill you keep this in mind on one other abilities in this encounter.

Bounding Cleave

  • When the butcher hits 100% energy he will knock back all players, then charging to the biggest clump in range and cleaving them. This also applies the gushing wounds debuff.


  • When the boss reaches 100% energy he will knock everyone back and ranged that DON’T have a debuff will have to stack up on red in order to lure the butcher to that group. If you are the mobile damage dealer of either green or orange you do not stack on red the extra application of gushing wounds will get you to 5 stacks and will kill you.



  • Once the butcher reaches 30% health he will go into a frenzy. While in frenzy he will deal 10% more damage and attack 30% faster. This frenzy is also applied on cleave.


The tactic

raid setup

Tanks: 2

Healers: 2(3) /10man

Dps:  x



At the start of the fight markers will be put up. One for the tanks, one for the ranged to stack at when bounding cleave comes and two for the melees. The melees will be divided into two even group within each group one ranged mobile damage dealer.  As seen above the mobile damage dealers will have to communicate on when to run in and when to run out in order to not let the debuff go to 5 stacks.


At 100% energy the butcher casts bounding cleave. The ranged dps (excluding the mobile one from the groups) will have to move to the mark in order to be the biggest clump. If this fails another group could be targeted and receive their fatal 5th stack. Besides this mechanic the boss does nothing ranged have to be aware of and is basically stand still do damage.


The tanks will tank switch at 2 stacks of tenderizer and want to avoid the bleed from the cleaver as much as they can.


Since this is almost a tank and spank fight the enrage timer is tight! We got two options to use bloodlust at pull or below 30% to make this phase as short as possible.


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